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Janki Bodiwala Age

Janki Bodiwala is a talented Indian actress known for her work in Gujarati and Hindi films. Born on October 30, 1995, she began her career as a model before making her acting debut in the Gujarati film industry. With her versatile performances and charming presence, Janki quickly gained popularity. Her impressive acting skills and dedication to her craft have earned her praise from audiences and critics alike. Janki continues to be a rising star in the Indian film industry, captivating hearts with her on-screen talent and beauty. Janki Bodiwala age is [dob].



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Family Info:


Janki was born to Bharat Bodiwala and Kashmira Bodiwala. She has a sibling Dhrupad Bodiwala.



She has done her tutoring from M K Secondary and Higher Secondary School, Ahmedabad. She finished her education from Goenka Research Institute of Dental Science, Gandhinagar.

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Career Debut:


Bodiwala made her acting debut in the Gujarati movie, Chhello Divas, composed and coordinated by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film delivered on 20 November 2015 out of 231 screens worldwide with positive audits from critics and business achievement.

She acted in O Taareee & Tamburo. She also showed up for her best performance in films like Chhutti Jashe Chhakka, Tari Maate Once More (2018) and Bau Na Vichaar (2019). And she isĀ  now working with Krishnadev Yagnik and co-star Yash Soni on an untitled film venture which is relied upon to deliver in 2020.


  • Chhello Divas (2015) (Pooja)
  • O Taareee (2017) (Deepa)
  • Tamburo (2017) (Dimple)
  • Daud Pakad (2017) (Priyanka)
  • Chhutti Jashe Chhakka (2018) (Ankita)
  • Tari Maate Once More (2018) (Aaisha)
  • Bau Na Vichar (2019) (Shivani)
  • Untitled (2020) (TBA)

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