Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds Can Still Improv in Marvel Studios, Says Co-Creator

The co-creator of Deadpool, Robert Liefeld, has put an end to the speculations surrounding Ryan Reynolds’ ability to improvise lines in Marvel Studios‘ highly anticipated Deadpool 3. Liefeld debunked rumors that Reynolds would be restricted due to the ongoing Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) strike. Addressing concerned fans, Liefeld assured them that Reynolds would have the freedom to ad-lib during the post-production process, thanks to Additional Dialogue Replacement (ADR) techniques.

Improv Freedom for Reynolds:

Liefeld clarified that earlier reports suggesting Reynolds couldn’t improvise during the shooting of Deadpool 3 due to his contractual obligations as a writer were misinterpreted. The WGA strike, which demands better working conditions, fair compensation, and safeguards against the use of artificial intelligence, prohibits writers from performing improvisation duties. However, once the strike concludes and Deadpool 3 enters post-production, Reynolds will have the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue through ADR, adding his trademark ad-libs and humorous touches.

  •   Deadpool’s MCU Debut:

Deadpool 3 marks Reynolds’ first appearance as the lovable anti-hero, Wade Wilson, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Joining him on this exciting journey is Hugh Jackman, famous for his portrayal of Wolverine in Fox’s X-Men franchise, who will reprise his role alongside Reynolds. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige expressed his enthusiasm for both actors’ MCU debuts, confirming that Deadpool 3 would be the first R-rated film within the franchise.

  •   New Wolverine Role:

Reports suggest that Jackman will portray a fresh iteration of Wolverine in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Reynolds, delighted to have Jackman on board, revealed that the pitch presented to the acclaimed actor offered a unique divergence from his previous portrayal of the character. This new interpretation has Jackman excited to bring something fresh and exciting to the table, promising an unforgettable performance in Deadpool 3.

Contrary to initial concerns, Ryan Reynolds will be able to showcase his improvisational talents in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. Robert Liefeld’s clarification assures fans that while the WGA strike restricts improvisation during shooting, Reynolds can inject his wit and humor into the film through ADR during the post-production phase. As Deadpool makes his debut in the MCU alongside the return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, fans eagerly anticipate the unique blend of comedy, action, and R-rated excitement that Deadpool 3 promises to deliver.