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Bilal Ashraf | Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth and Career. The Pakistani actor Bilal Ashraf is a producer, visual effects director, and a film director. After studying visual effects at Franklin Marshall College, he started his career as a visual effects director before switching his focus to acting after he made a brief appearance in the 2014 thriller O21, which led him to pursue a career as an actor. It has been a decade since Ashraf starred in the romantic comedy Janaan (2016), the acclaimed war drama Yalghaar (2017), and the musical romance Superstar (2019).

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Born on the 10th of October 1979, he has spent all his life in Karachi, where he spent most of his time. During the course of his education, he lived abroad as well. His current residence is in Karachi, where he resides with his family.



In the early years of his education, Bilal Ashraf attended St. Michael’s Convent School in Karachi where he received his early education. Franklin & Marshall College is a private liberal arts college located in Pennsylvania, United States where he studied visual effects direction.

As part of his undergraduate studies, he did a double major in finance and arts. Afterward, he went to London in order to study animation at Escape Studios. His experience behind the camera spans ten years.

Bilal Ashraf

Bilal Ashraf Career:

There was a cameo appearance by Bilala Ashraf in the 2014 thriller film O21. In 2016, Bilal Ashraf made his acting debut as a lead actor in Janaan, a romantic comedy in which he appeared alongside Armeena Khan and Ali Rehman Khan, to the approval of the critics as well as that of the audience. As for his other 2017 releases, Rangreza was both a critical and commercial disaster, while Yalghaar had a decent opening at the box office, while his other 2017 release, Yalghaar, had a moderate opening at the box office.

Mohammed Ehteshamuddin’s directorial debut, Superstar, was produced by Momina Duraid, with Mahira Khan as the co-star, and he played the role of the lead in the film. Superstar is Bilal Ashraf’s highest-grossing film. When he explained the long period he had been away from Rangreza, he said he was going to take a close look at the scripts, as he had missed out on so much potential, and he also shared with me that he had taken acting classes in the United Kingdom as well as theater classes with Sunil Shankar in Karachi, as well.

As a director and actor, he started his career in television in 2021 with the award-winning drama Aik Hai Nigar, and he also became a producer, founding the production house Behive Transmedia along with director-actor Ehteshamuddin, which released its first film in 2022, the historical drama Khaab Toot Jaatay Hain.

Bilal Ashraf Family:

Although he was born into a Punjabi family, he still does not have a grasp of the Punjabi language despite being born into it. His sister Sadia Ashraf, who is no longer with us today, according to him, was the one who made him what he is today. Her dream was to be a director and a teacher of filmmaking at the New York University who was devoted to improving the Pakistani cinema and had a dream of making it a better place. Her advice to him was to study visual arts and start his career as an actor when he became a teenager. He is still single and has no plans to get married any time soon. He is a handsome man who is still single.

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