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Adrian Di Monte Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Career & Net Worth

Adrián Di Monte, a talented television actor, was born on July 31, 1990. With his magnetic on-screen presence and captivating performances, he quickly rose to fame. Best known for his roles in popular telenovelas, he won the hearts of audiences worldwide. Adrián’s dedication to his craft and versatility earned him numerous accolades and recognition in the entertainment industry. Beyond acting, he actively engages in philanthropy, using his platform to make a positive impact. A true inspiration, Adrián continues to shine as a beloved figure in the world of television. Adrian Di Monte age is [dob].



Early Life & Career:

Adrián was born in Santa Clara, Cuba. He began his acting career with a role in the Univision telenovela, Eva Luna. He later showed up in another telenovela of Telemundo called Aurora, and afterward in Mi corazón insiste en Lola Volcán and in the repetitive role in the Univision telenovela Rosario, playing Ignacio “Nacho” Gómez. In 2014, he showed up on Cosita linda and Voltea dad’ que te enamores, an American change of the Venezuelan telenovelas Cosita rica and Voltea dad’ que te enamores. In 2015, he showed up on ¿Quién es quién? playing Eugenio Hernández. In 2016, he was a piece of the common cast of the arrangement Señora Acero, otherwise called Señora Acero: La Coyote, playing Abelardo Casáres.

Television Series:

  • Eva Luna (2010) (Humberto)
  • Rosario (2013) (Ignacio “Nacho” Gomez)
  • Cosita Iinda (2014) (Santiago Rincon)
  • Senora Acero (2016) (Abelardo Casares)
  • La doble vida de Estela Carrillo (2017) (Joe)
  • Bailando por un sueno (2017) (Himself)
  • Pequenos Gigantes (2018) (Himself)
  • Esta historia me suena (2019) (Guillermo)
  • Cita a Ciegas (2019) (Roberto “Bobby” Silve Esquivel)

FAQs about Adrián Di Monte Actor

Who is Adrián Di Monte?

Adrián Di Monte is a Cuban television actor known for his appearances in telenovelas and other TV productions. He gained popularity through his roles in various Spanish-language dramas.

What TV shows has Adrián Di Monte been in?

Adrián Di Monte has participated in several television productions. Some of his notable TV shows include "La Casa de al Lado," "Tierra de Reyes," and "Enamorándome de Ramón."

When and where was Adrián Di Monte born?

Adrián Di Monte was born on July 31, 1990, in Havana, Cuba.

Is Adrián Di Monte active on social media?

Yes, Adrián Di Monte is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where he shares updates and interacts with his fans.