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Virginie Ledoyen

Virginie Ledoyen, born 15 November 1976, is a renowned French actress. Gaining recognition at a young age with “A Single Girl” (1995), Ledoyen later captivated international audiences in “The Beach” (2000) alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Her career includes diverse roles in French cinema, working with acclaimed directors like François Ozon and André Téchiné. Known for her intense performances, Ledoyen continues to contribute significantly to the French and global film industry. Virgine Ledoyen age is [dob].



Virginie Ledoyen

Family Info:


She is the little girl of Olga, a restaurateur and Bernard Fernández, a dealer who sold cleaning items. Her fatherly granddad was additionally Spanish.



Height, Weight, Body Stats:




Ledoyen film advancement accompanied A Single Girl (1995), for which she was selected for a César Award because of her best role. In 2000, she marked an agreement with the cosmetics company L’Oréal as a model. She was worked along two models, Laetitia Casta and Noémie Lenoir. She also depicted the character in French TV miniseries of Les Misérables. In 2013, Ledoyen was also named as an individual from the jury at the 70th Venice International Film Festival.


  • Exploits of a Young Don Juan (1986) (Berthe)
  • La Vie en panne (1988) (Joëlle)
  • Haute tension (1990) (Dominique)
  • Mima (1991) (Mima)
  • The Children Thief (1991) (Gabrielle)
  • Mouche (1992)
  • Les Marmottes (1993) (Samantha)
  • La Folie douce (1994) (Charlie Léger)
  • La Règle de l’homme (1994) (Violette)
  • Cold Water (1994) (Christine)
  • A Single Girl (1995) (Valérie Sergent)
  • La Cérémonie (1995) (Melinda)
  • La Vie de Marianne (1995) (Marianne)
  • Sur la route (1995)
  • Les Sensuels (1995)
  • Mahjong (1996) (Marthe)
  • Ma 6-T va crack-er (1997)
  • Héroïnes (1997) (Johanna)
  • The Perfect Guy (1998) (Jeanne)
  • A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries (1998)
  • Late August, Early September (1998) (Anne)
  • In All Innocence (1998) (Cécile Maudet)
  • The Beach (2000) (Françoise)
  • All About Love (2001) (Maria)
  • 8 Women (2002) (Suzon)
  • Les Misérables (2002) (Cosette)
  • Bon Voyage (2003) (Camille)
  • Saint Ange (2004) (Anna Jurin)
  • The Valet (2006) (Émilie)
  • Holly (2006) (Marie)
  • The Backwoods (2006) (Lucy)
  • La Forteresse assiégée (2006) (L’impératrice Eugénie)
  • Shall We Kiss? (2007) (Judith)
  • London mon amour (2008) (Audrey Morraine)
  • L’Emmerdeur (2008) (Louise)
  • The Army of Crime (2009) (Mélinée Manouchian)
  • Myster Mocky présente (2009)
  • Tout ce qui brille (2010) (Agathe)
  • The Last Beast (2011) (Clémence)
  • The Shape of Art to Come (2011)
  • Farewell, My Queen (2012) (Gabrielle de Polignac)
  • Another Life (2013) (Dolorès)
  • Ablations (2014) (Léa Cartalas)
  • Le Monde de Fred (2014) (Herself)
  • Enragés (2014) (La femme)
  • Rabid Dogs (2015)
  • Accro (2016)
  • MILF (2018) (Cécile)


  • Prix Suzanne Bianchetti Awards
  • European Film Awards
  • Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Achievement Awards

Net Worth:

Virginie Ledoyen net worth is estimated to be $11 Million as per Celebrity Net Worth. She is also talented actress.

Married Life & Children:


She also met with production designer Louis Soubrier on the arrangement of La fille seule in 1995. Ledoyen brought forth her first kid a young lady named is Lila. She was in a short-lived marriage with famous movie director Iain Rogers (2006-2007). What’s more, she was involved with capable actor Arie Elmaleh, whose sibling was her co-star in The Valet. Ledoyen and Elmaleh have a child named is Isaac and a girl is Amalia.

FAQs about Virginie Ledoyen Actress

Who is Virginie Ledoyen?

Virginie Ledoyen is a French actress who has been active in the film industry since she was a child. Born on November 15, 1976, in Aubervilliers, France, she started her career in French cinema before transitioning into international roles.

What was Virginie Ledoyen’s breakout role?

Her breakout role came in 1995 with the French film "La Fille Seule" ("A Single Girl"), where her performance was widely praised. Internationally, she is probably best known for her role in the 2000 film "The Beach" alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Has Virginie Ledoyen won any awards?

Throughout her career, Virginie Ledoyen has received several nominations and awards for her work in film. These include a nomination for the César Award for Most Promising Actress for her role in "La Fille Seule."

What are some other notable films Virginie Ledoyen has been in?

In addition to "La Fille Seule" and "The Beach," Ledoyen has appeared in films such as "8 Women," "Marquis," "Farewell, My Queen," and "Army of Crime."

Did Virginie Ledoyen work in TV series?

Yes, aside from her film work, Ledoyen has also been involved in several television productions, including French series like "Les Misérables" and "L'école de la vie."