The Celebration of Christmas by Pakistani Celebrities

In all parts of the world, the month of December holds a special place in the hearts of all people. In addition to the winter holidays, there is also the auspicious Christmas holiday that people look forward to throughout the year to celebrate and exchange gifts with their friends and family.

Churches were lit up and markets decorated as they celebrated Christmas in the cold weather in Pakistan, which had a large Christian community. Despite Pakistan being a majority Muslim country, Pakistanis celebrate Christmas together and this gives us the chance to bring more harmony between the two communities through this celebration.

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It was no different for Pakistani celebrities as they also celebrated Christmas and shared pictures with their fans. There were some of them who celebrated with Christian friends, while others set up their own Christmas trees to bring light and celebration into their homes as well. Among the people seen celebrating were Azekah Daniel, Sunita Marshall, Areeba Habib, Sadia Khan and Nadia Hussain with her children.