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Sidra Niazi Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Family & Education. Sidra Niazi is an emerging television actress and beautiful fashion model. She rose to prominence in the drama world with her incredible acting skills. Undoubtedly, she will soon be a leading lady in Pakistani show business. These days she’s in the series Chupke Chupke With Osman Khalid Butt and Ayeza Khan. Apart from that, she also acted in the series Qayamat Baaghi and Laal. She’s a skilled actress, and her fans want to know more about her contemporary house husband and all the facts about her. So let us dive into Sidra Niazi’s biography and her secrets.

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Sidra Niazi is a TV actress from Pakistan. She has made essential appearances in Qayamat, Chupke Chupke and Makafaat shows. She will be appearing in the upcoming web series Pehli Wali. Since every drama she was in was lucky, she rose to fame in no time. Chupke Chupke debut In 2021, the actress has gained even more recognition and is currently in the prime of her stardom.


The actress has been in the TV series and the 2020 film “Laal”. Although she didn’t have a particularly prominent role in this movie, it helped her establish herself as a movie actress.

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Sidra Niazi completed her DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) education and is a qualified professional dentist.


Sidra Niazi has been particular in opening up details about her family. That means we don’t know much about her family, especially their circumstances. However, we know that she belongs to a well-educated and wealthy family and currently resides in Karachi. We don’t know either If she has any siblings. Sidra Niazi is not married yet.

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