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Severija Janušauskaitė is a Lithuanian film actress known for her captivating performances. Born in Lithuania, she began her acting career in the early 2000s and quickly gained recognition for her talent and versatility. With her remarkable screen presence and powerful portrayals, Janušauskaitė has become a prominent figure in the Lithuanian film industry. Her dedication to her craft and ability to bring complex characters to life have earned her acclaim both at home and internationally. Janušauskaitė continues to impress audiences with her compelling performances and remains a respected name in the world of cinema. Severija Janusauskaite age is [dob].



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Family Info:

Her mom is an instructor & her dad is a force engineer. She has a sister functioning as a protected innovation legal counselor, at present at the exchange affiliation speaking to the account business.



She examined music and moved on from an expressive arts school. At last, she picked a theater and film study program and moved on from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater in 2005.

Height, Weight, Body Stats:




She began her movie profession with the short film The Flame. Afterward, she showed up in two TV arrangement, War and Peace (2007), a global co-creation and the Norwegian Honeytrap (2008). Her first component film was the Lithuanian-Hungarian amusing dramatization Anarchy Girls (2010), where she played one of the principle roles. The actress picked up fame in Russia and abroad for her part in Anna Melikian’s film Star (2014). Her best performance of socialite Margarita was exceptionally lauded by film pundits and winning a Golden Eagle Award.

In 2017, Severija Janušauskaitė got known to a wide crowd in Russia and Germany because of her parts in significant TV films. Janušauskaitė is referred to for her part as twofold specialist Swetlana Sorokina in another period show set in 1920s Berlin, Tom Tykwer’s Babylon Berlin that had its debut in October on Sky 1.

In 2018, after the arrangement began to air on free TV, the melody turned into the most mainstream tune in Germany’s Amazon and iTunes download outlines. She considers the part in Babylon Berlin as her most paramount one up until this point.

Movies & Television:

  • The Flame (2004)
  • No Focus (2006) (Nefokuse)
  • War and Peace (2007)
  • Honeytrap (2008) (Honningfellen)
  • The Other Side of the Wall (2009) (Les dernières heures du mur)
  • 2h_Two Hours (2010) (2h_Dvi valandos)
  • Anarchy Girls (2010) (Anarchija Žirmūnuose)
  • I Love The Bullet In Your Heart (2010) (Myliu kulką tavo širdyje)
  • Laima Determines the Destiny (2010) (Taip Laima lėmė)
  • The Crown Jewels (2011) (Kronjuvelerna)
  • The Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies (2011) (Miegančių drugelių tvirtovė)
  • Comma (2012) (Komats)
  • Experman (2012) (Expermenas)
  • Letters to Sofija (2012) (Laiškai Sofijai)
  • Reeba (2012) (Ryba)
  • Violence (2013) (Smurtas)
  • Godfather (2014)
  • Star (2014)
  • Sugar Time (2014) (Zuckerzeit)
  • Chasing Solace (2015)
  • Until No (2015)
  • The Exact Address (2015)
  • The Norseman (2015)
  • Sinickis – Juokas pro ašaras (2015) (Sinickis – Juokas pro ašaras)
  • The Roop – Be Mine (2015) (The Roop – Be Mine)
  • About Football and Angels (2016)
  • Dreamfish (2016)
  • Emilia (2016) (Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos)
  • The Optimists (2017)
  • Babylon Berlin (2017) (Babylon Berlin)
  • Motherland (2018) (Gimtinė)
  • Isaac (2018) (Izaokas)
  • What Silent Gerda Knows (2018) (Ko zina klusā Gerda)
  • Unburied (2018) (Nepalaidotas)
  • Short Waves (2018)
  • Bloody Lady (2018)
  • Polina (2018)
  • Mermaids (2018)
  • Selfie (2018)
  • Sleepers (season 2) (2018)
  • A Rough Draft (2018)
  • The Silver Skates (2020)

Winning Awards:

  • Sochi Open Russian Film Festival Awards
  • Golden Eagle Awards
  • Honfleur Russian Film Festival Awards