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Sandra Hüller, born on April 30, 1978, is a renowned German actress. She gained international acclaim for her remarkable performances in films like “Toni Erdmann” (2016), which earned her widespread recognition and awards. Hüller’s versatile acting skills have led to a prolific career encompassing both stage and screen. Her ability to portray complex emotions with depth and authenticity has solidified her as a prominent figure in the world of cinema, captivating audiences worldwide.Sandra Huller age is [dob].



Early Life & Career:

Hüller was conceived in Suhl, East Germany. She examined theater from 1996 to 2000 at the Hochschule Für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”, Berlin. She showed up from 1998 to 2001 at the Jena Theater, Thuringia and afterward for one year at the Schauspiel Leipzig. It was Oliver Held who prescribed her to the Theater Basel, Switzerland where she showed up until 2006.

Before the arrival of Toni Erdmann in 2016, Hüller was most popular for her role as Michaela Klingler in Hans-Christian Schmid’s film Requiem, for which she won the Berlin Film Festival Award for Best Actress in 2006. In 2014, she won the German Film Award for best supporting on-screen actress for her depiction of Franziska Feldenhoven in Frauke Finsterwalder’s film Finsterworld.

Sandra Huller Net Worth:

Sandra Huller net worth is estimated to be $1 Million. She is a popular actress.

Movies List:

Nicht auf den Mund (1999) Midsommar Stories (1999) Requiem (2006)
Madonnen (2006) Where in This World (2008) A Woman in Berlin (2008)
The Architect (2008) Roentgen (2009) Fly (2009)
Henri 4 (2009) Uber uns das All (2011) Fluss (2012)
Strings (2012) Finsterworld (20130 Lose My Self (2014)
Amour Fou (2014) Toni Erdmann (2016) Don’t (2017)
Fack ju Gonte 3 (2017) In the Aisles (2018) 25km/h (2018)
Sibyl (2019) Proxima (2019) Exil (2019)

TV Shows / Series:

  • Der Kriminalist (2011)
  • Pinocchio (2013)
  • Polizeiruf 110 (2014)
  • Crime Scene Cleaner (2016)

Winning Awards List:

  • Bavarian Film Awards
  • Berlin International Film Festival Awards
  • German Film Awards
  • German Film Critics’ Awards
  • Sitges Film Festival Awards
  • Festival de Valenciennes Awards (2012)
  • European Film Awards
  • Toronto Film Critics Association Awards
  • SESC Film Festival Awards

FAQs about Sandra Hüller Actress

Who is Sandra Hüller?

Sandra Hüller is a German actress known for her work in both film and theater. She was born on April 30, 1978, in Suhl, East Germany.

What are some of Sandra Hüller’s notable roles?

Sandra Hüller gained international recognition for her lead role in the film "Toni Erdmann" (2016), directed by Maren Ade. Her performance as Ines Conradi, a corporate consultant, received critical acclaim and earned her several awards.

What awards has Sandra Hüller won for her acting?

Sandra Hüller has received numerous awards for her acting, including the European Film Award for Best Actress for her role in "Toni Erdmann." She has also won awards at various film festivals and industry events.

What other films has Sandra Hüller appeared in?

Apart from "Toni Erdmann," Sandra Hüller has appeared in several other films, such as "Requiem" (2006), "Brownian Movement" (2010), "Amour Fou" (2014), "Finsterworld" (2013), and "A Woman's Revenge" (2012).

Has Sandra Hüller worked in theater as well?

Yes, Sandra Hüller has an extensive theater career. She has performed on various stages, including at renowned theaters like the Schaubühne in Berlin. Her theater work has garnered praise for her versatility and skill as an actress.