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Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino, born September 28, 1967, is an accomplished American actress. She garnered critical acclaim for her role in “Mighty Aphrodite” (1995), which earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Known for her versatility, Sorvino has excelled in a range of genres, from drama in “Norma Jean & Marilyn” (1996) to comedy in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” (1997). Her enduring acting career spans several decades, establishing her as a respected figure in Hollywood.
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Mira Sorvino

Family Info:


She is the little girl of Actor Paul Sorvino and actress Lorraine Ruth Davis. She has two kin named is Michael and Amanda. Sorvino is additionally an Italian descent.



Sorvino excelled in secondary school, and was acknowledged into Harvard University. She read for one year as an international student with CIEE in Beijing, China, where she got conversant in Mandarin Chinese. In 1989, she moved on from Harvard magna cum laude with a degree in East Asian investigations.

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Mira Sorvino

Sorvino’s first significant screen role was in the TV arrangement Swans Crossing. Also, she was projected in the Woody Allen film Mighty Aphrodite. In 2006, she got a Golden Globe assignment for her best part in the film Human Trafficking. The next year, she had a supporting role in the dramatization Reservation Road (2007) with Mark Ruffalo.

In 2014, she returned in the last period of Psych, and on the fourth period of Falling Skies as John Pope’s adoration interest, Sara. Sorvino additionally joined the cast of the TV arrangement Intruders. In 2018, Sorvino assumed the part of Amy in the spine chiller, Look Away, close by Jason Isaacs and India Eisley.


  • The Stuff (1985) (Factory Worker)
  • The Obit Writer (1993)
  • Amongst Friends (1993) (Laura)
  • New York Cop (1993) (Maria)
  • Quiz Show (1994) (Sandra Goodwin)
  • Barcelona (1994) (Marta Ferrer)
  • Sweet Nothing (1995) (Monika)
  • Mighty Aphrodite (1995) (Linda Ash)
  • Blue in the Face (1995) (Young Lady)
  • Beautiful Girls (1996) (Sharon Cassidy)
  • Tales of Erotica (1996) (Teresa)
  • Tarantella (1996) (Diane)
  • Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)
  • Mimic (1997) (Dr. Susan Tyler)
  • The Replacement Killers (1998) (Meg Coburn)
  • Lulu on the Bridge (1998) (Celia Burns)
  • Too Tired to Die (1998) (Death/Jean)
  • Free Money (1998) (Agent Karen Polarski)
  • At First Sight (1999) (Amy Benic)
  • Summer of Sam (1999) (Dionna)
  • The Grey Zone (2001) (Dina)
  • The Triumph of Love (2001) (The Princess)
  • Wise Girls (2002) (Meg Kennedy)
  • Semana Santa (2002) (Maria Delgado)
  • Between Strangers (2002) (Natalia Bauer)
  • Gods and Generals (2003) (Fanny Chamberlain)
  • The Final Cut (2004) (Delila)
  • Covert One: The Hades Factor (2006) (Randi Russell)
  • Reservation Road (2007) (Ruth)
  • The Last Templar (2008) (Tess)
  • Multiple Sarcasms (2009) (Cari)
  • Like Dandelion Dust (2009) (Wendy Porter)
  • The Trouble with Cali (2009) (The Balletmaster)
  • Sweet Flame (2009) (Sheila)
  • Attack on Leningrad (2009) (Kate Davis)
  • The Presence (2010)
  • Angels Crest (2011) (Angie)
  • Union Square (2012) (Lucy)
  • Smitty (2012) (Amanda)
  • Trade of Innocents (2012) (Claire Becker)
  • Space Warriors (2013) (Sally Hawkins)
  • Perfect Sisters (2014) (Linda)
  • Frozen in Time (2014) (Carol Purtle)
  • Quitters (2015) (May Rayman)
  • Do You Believe? (2015) (Samantha)
  • Chloe and Theo (2015) (Monica)
  • A Christmas to Remember (2016) (Jennifer Wade)
  • Exposed (2016) (Janine Cullen)
  • Indiscretion (2016) (Veronica Lewis)
  • The Red Maple Leaf (2016) (Marianna Palermo)
  • Waterlily Jaguar (2017) (Helen)
  • Miracle on the Mountain (2017) (Susan LeMarque)
  • Look Away (2018) (Amy)
  • Stuber (2019) (Captain Angie McHenry)
  • Beneath the Leaves (2019) (Detective Erica Shotwell)
  • Badland (2019) (Sarah Cooke)
  • Sound of Freedom (2020) (Katherine Ballard)
  • The Last Job (TBA) (Nick Wallace)


  • Swans Crossing (1992)
  • Parallel Lives (1994) (Matty Derosa)
  • The Buccaneers (1995) (Conchita Closson)
  • Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996) (Marilyn Monroe)
  • The Great Gatsby (2000) (Daisy Buchanan)
  • Will & Grace (2003) (Diane)
  • Human Trafficking (2005) (Kate Morozov)
  • House (2008) (Dr. Cate Milton)
  • The Last Templar (2009) (Tess Chaykin)
  • Finding Mrs. Claus (2012) (Mrs. Claus)
  • Psych (2014) (Head Detective Betsy Brannigan)
  • Falling Skies (2014-15) (Sara)
  • Intruders (2014) (Amy Whelan)
  • Stalker (2015) (Vicki Gregg)
  • A Christmas to Remember (2016)
  • Lady Dynamite (2016-17) (Herself / Millicent Pratt)
  • Spy Kids: Mission Critical (2018) (voice)
  • Condor (2018) (Marty Ross)
  • Modern Family (2018) (Nicole Rosemary Page)
  • No One Would Tell (2018)
  • Start Up (2018) (Rebecca Stroud)
  • Hollywood (2020) (Jeanne Crandall)

Winning Awards:

  • Academy Awards
  • Golden Globe Awards
  • Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

Net Worth:

Mira Sorvino net worth is estimated to be $18 Million as per Celebrity Net Worth. She is also famous actress.

Affair / Relationship:


Mira Sorvino was impractically linked with Chief Quentin Tarantino, who was her escort to the Academy Awards service. Sorvino met capable actor Christopher Backus at a companion’s acts party in 2003. What’s more, they wedded in a private common function at the Santa Barbara, California. The couple has four youngsters two girls Mattea Angel and Lucia and two children named is Johnny Christopher King and Holden Paul Terry Backus.

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FAQs about Mira Sorvino Actress

Who is Mira Sorvino?

Mira Sorvino is an American actress. She was born on September 28, 1967, in New York City. She is best known for her performances in films such as "Mighty Aphrodite" and "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion". Sorvino won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Mighty Aphrodite".

What is Mira Sorvino’s background?

Mira Sorvino is the daughter of character actor Paul Sorvino. She attended Harvard University, where she graduated magna cum laude with a degree in East Asian Studies. She spent a year in Beijing, China, studying Mandarin.

How did Mira Sorvino start her acting career?

Mira Sorvino began her career in the early 1990s with small roles in film and television. Her breakthrough came with Woody Allen's "Mighty Aphrodite" in 1995, for which she won an Academy Award.

What are some notable roles Mira Sorvino has played?

Sorvino has played a diverse range of roles throughout her career. Her most notable roles include a cheerful, ditzy blonde in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion", a tough cop in "Summer of Sam", and a linguistic scientist in "Mimic". She has also appeared in television series like "Intruders", "Condor", and "StartUp".

Has Mira Sorvino won any awards?

Yes, Mira Sorvino has won several awards throughout her career. She won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in "Mighty Aphrodite". She has also been nominated for other awards for her performances in film and television.

Is Mira Sorvino married?

Yes, Mira Sorvino is married to actor Christopher Backus. The couple tied the knot in 2004 and they have four children together.