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Millicent Simmonds, born in 2003, is a talented American actress known for her exceptional work in both film and television. Deaf since infancy, she gained widespread recognition for her breakthrough role in “Wonderstruck” (2017), where she showcased her remarkable ability to convey emotions through American Sign Language. Her captivating performances continued in films like “A Quiet Place” (2018) and its sequel. Simmonds’ advocacy for deaf representation in media has made her an inspiring figure, solidifying her status as a rising star and advocate for inclusivity. Millicent Simmonds age is 21 years .


Full Name: Millie Simmonds
Date of Birth: March 6, 2003
Age: 21 years
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 40 kg
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Early Life / Career & Education:

Simmonds is a local of the US territory of Utah. She lives in Bountiful, Utah. She has four kin; two more established and two more youthful than her. At a year old, Simmonds lost her hearing because of a prescription overdose. Her mom learned American Sign Language and encouraged the family so they could speak with her. When Simmonds was three years of age, she began going to the Jean Massieu School of the Deaf, where she took an interest in its dramatization club. In the wake of finishing 6th grade, she mainstreamed at the Mueller Park Junior High School in the fall of 2015. She has performed at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah, and her essential film understanding before Wonderstruck was a hard of hearing understudy’s, “Shading the World”. Simmonds has a cochlear embed. With it, she tunes in to Father John Misty and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Her preferred film to date is The Truman Show (1998).

Professional Career:

Simmonds, who read the hard of hearing themed adolescent novel Wonderstruck when it was distributed in 2011, got updates on open throwing for the film adjustment from her previous dramatization instructor and tried out for a role in the film. She contended with more than 250 others. At the point when she won the role, she moved to New York City with her mom and her more youthful kin to film Wonderstruck. She utilized American Sign Language mediators to convey on set and furthermore got a coach to proceed with homework while taping. Simmonds was accordingly designated for a few honors for best youth performances. The Associated Press additionally perceived Simmonds as one of eight on-screen actors who were Breakthrough Entertainers of 2017.

In 2018, Simmonds showed up in a two-scene bend in the third period of the Disney Channel TV arrangement Andi Mack. She initially showed up as an extra in the principal season, and the arrangement makers welcomed her back for a common role. For her circular segment, Simmonds showed different actors how to utilize ASL, and the showrunners chose to give her scenes including ASL without giving captions so watchers could concentrate on making sense of the sign language.

In one of the scenes, Simmonds additionally represented the first run through ever on-camera, reacting perceptibly “I like you” in light of Asher Angel’s character Jonah marking “I like you” to her character. Simmonds said of the verbally expressed exchange, “I can’t recall how it was raised or who had the thought, however I recollect my mother getting some information about it, and I revealed to her I figured I could attempt. I was in reality entirely anxious about it. I don’t utilize my voice a great deal out in the open.”

In February 2019, after the movies accomplishment of A Quiet Place, Simmonds entered converses with repeat her job for the continuation being developed. In the next June, Simmonds got the Greenwich International Film Festival’s Make an Impact Award and partook on the celebration’s board to talk about realistic portrayal of individuals with inabilities. In October, Simmonds was thrown in a lead role in the pilot for the TV arrangement Close Up on Freeform.


  • Wonderstruck (2017)
  • A Quiet Place (2018)
  • A Quiet Place: Part II (2020)


  • Andi Mack (2018-19)
  • This Close (2019)

FAQs about Millicent Simmonds Actress

Who is Millicent Simmonds?

Millicent Simmonds is an American actress born on March 6, 2003. She gained prominence for her roles in various films and is known for being deaf and using American Sign Language (ASL) as her primary means of communication.

What are some of Millicent Simmonds’ notable roles?

Millicent Simmonds gained widespread recognition for her role as Regan Abbott in the horror films "A Quiet Place" (2018) and its sequel "A Quiet Place Part II" (2021), directed by John Krasinski. She also starred in the drama film "Wonderstruck" (2017), directed by Todd Haynes, where she played a deaf character in a dual-narrative storyline.

How did Millicent Simmonds become an actress?

Millicent Simmonds was discovered through an open casting call for the film "Wonderstruck." Director Todd Haynes was specifically looking for a deaf actress to portray a deaf character in the film. Simmonds, who had never acted before, impressed the casting team and was subsequently cast in the lead role of Rose.

Is Millicent Simmonds deaf in real life?

Yes, Millicent Simmonds is deaf in real life. She was born with a congenital hearing impairment and has been deaf since birth. Her use of American Sign Language and her representation of deaf characters in her roles have been important aspects of her career.

What impact has Millicent Simmonds had on deaf representation in Hollywood?

Millicent Simmonds is seen as a trailblazer for deaf representation in Hollywood. Her roles have highlighted the need for authentic deaf representation and have opened doors for more opportunities for deaf actors. She has also been an advocate for better accessibility and inclusion in the entertainment industry.