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Maham Amir, Biography, Age, Career, Family and Net Worth. Maham Amir is a Pakistani actress who is widely recognized for her work in Urdu-language television series. She is known for her beauty and talent as an actress and model, and is also the wife of prominent Pakistani actor and host Faizan Sheikh and the daughter-in-law of Parveen Akbar. Some of her notable roles include Sualeha in Saaya and Noshi in Ready Steady Go. This article provides a detailed look at Maham Amir’s biography, family, and notable dramas.

Maham Amir Biography:

Full Name: Maham Amir
Age: 33 years
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Weight: 58 kg
Nationality: Pakistani
Net Worth: $5 Million

Maham is a brilliant and dynamic Pakistani actress who has made a name for herself in the industry. From a young age, she had a passion for acting and pursued her dream with determination and hard work. She began her career in theater, where she honed her skills and developed her talent, before moving on to television and film.

Over the years, she has appeared in numerous dramas and movies, gaining popularity and recognition for her acting prowess and captivating on-screen presence. Her charismatic personality and natural talent have made her a sought-after actress and a role model for aspiring performers. Despite her success, Maham remains humble and dedicated to her craft, continuously striving to improve and push herself to new heights.

Date of Birth:

Maham was born on December 26, 1990, in Karachi, Pakistan. She currently lives in the same city with her family.

  • Age: 33 years
  • Born: December 26, 1990

Maham Amir


Maham Aamir began her career as a host on Salam Sindh on Sindh TV. She began acting in 2014 with a supporting role in the ARY Digital television serial Doosri Biwi, and then had brief roles in several other TV serials. In 2018, she played the lead role of Sauleha, a ghost, in the Geo TV horror series Saaya.

Later, Maham Aamir appeared in several popular Geo Entertainment soap operas, including Rishton Ki Dor, Babul Ka Angna, Roshni, and Ek Hi Bhool. She also played the role of a Punjabi girl in Teri Meri Jodi. Maham Aamir received critical acclaim for her role as Noshi in the comedy sitcom Ready Steady Go.

In addition to her acting career, Maham Aamir has also appeared in several television commercials and has hosted events and awards shows. She is known for her versatility as an actress and has played a range of characters in both serious and comedic roles.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks in the industry, Maham Aamir has remained dedicated to her craft and has consistently delivered strong performances. Her talent and dedication have earned her a dedicated fanbase and the respect of her colleagues in the industry.

Maham Amir Family:

Maham Amir married Faizan Sheikh, a co-host of the show Salam Zindagi and an actor, in August 2018. Faizan is well-known in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Maham’s sister Zara Tareen and cousin Hira Tareen are also prominent actors and models in Pakistan. Maham’s mother-in-law, Parveen Akbar, is a legendary Pakistani actress with a long career in the industry.

Maham Amir husband

Here is more information about Maham Amir and her family:

Maham Amir is a Pakistani actress and model who rose to fame for her roles in various drama series and films. She is known for her talent and beauty, and has a large following on social media.

Faizan Sheikh is a co-host of the popular Pakistani talk show Salam Zindagi, alongside Faysal Qureshi and Adeel Amjad (also known as Adi). He is also an actor and has appeared in several drama series and films.

Maham’s sister Zara Tareen and cousin Hira Tareen are also successful actors and models in the Pakistani entertainment industry. Both have had leading roles in various drama series and films, and have a strong presence on social media.

Parveen Akbar, Maham’s mother-in-law, is a seasoned Pakistani actress with a long and successful career in the industry. She has appeared in numerous drama series and films and has earned a reputation as one of Pakistan’s most talented actresses.