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Kento Yamazaki, born September 7, 1994, is a renowned Japanese actor. Rising to fame with his role in “L-DK” (2014), he’s achieved remarkable success in film and television. Notable works include “Death Note” (2015), “Orange” (2015), and “Your Lie in April” (2016). His versatile acting and captivating charm have earned him a dedicated global fan base. With numerous awards and accolades, Yamazaki continues to be a prominent figure in Japan’s entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent and magnetic presence. Kento Yamazaki age is [dob].



Early Life:

Kento Yamazaki was conceived in Tokyo to a middle-class family. He lives with his dad, mother and more established sibling. He has expressed that, regardless of being meager and athletic as a kid, he was a major eater, and that he truly cherished playing soccer, and had been playing soccer since second grade until his third year in center school-he even joined a club group and would go to various school yards to rehearse. He guaranteed in interviews that as a kid he longed for being a soccer player, and that on the off chance that he had not become an on-screen character he would have become an expert soccer player, or mentor of the national group. His first displaying offer came during his third year of middle school when he was explored by his present organization at Takeshita Dori while on his path home after a soccer match. He filled in as a model for the magazine Pichi Lemon from 2009 to 2011, preceding entering the acting scene.

Career Debut / Professional Career:

Kento appeared as an actor in 2010 when he was thrown in the TV arrangement Atami no Sousakan as a strange secondary school understudy. That was trailed by a supporting role in TV arrangement Clone Baby, where he played a programmer. Kento’s first motion picture was Control Tower which was discharged in April 2011. He sang and played the guitar in this film, and his acting was generally welcomed. The following year, he showed up in The Wings of the Kirin (2012) and as the lead in the frightfulness spine chiller film Another, working with Control Tower co-star Ai Hashimoto for the subsequent time. In 2014, he featured in a film dependent on the exceptionally effective manga of a similar name, L DK close by Ayame Goriki. The film was a leap forward in his profession, making him further known to people in general. That year, he additionally played various roles in three dramatization arrangement, including Baseball Brainiacs, where he was thrown with on-screen actors Sota Fukushi and Yuto Nakajima. He additionally made his stage debut as primary lead Inuzuka Shino in Satomi Hakkenden. In 2015, he was again cast in a film adjustment of a well known manga titled Heroine Shikkaku close by Mirei Kiritani. He likewise played the lead role in Orange nearby Tao Tsuchiya. The film was an extraordinary achievement, earning nearly US$28 million dollar and turning into the ninth most elevated netting Japanese movies of 2016.

In 2016, Kento was thrown in Your Lie in April where he played the role of Kosei Arima, a talented piano player, nearby Suzu Hirose, who depicted Kaori Miyazono. For this role, Kento figured out how to play the piano and rehearsed for a half year before the shooting began. In January 2018, Kento played the lead role of a top dance club have for the NTV winter dramatization Kiss that Kills, his first lead role in a drama, which likewise featured Mugi Kadowaki, Mackenyu and Masaki Suda. His film A Forest of Wool and Steel was discharged as well, where he depicted a piano tuner. For readiness, Kento lived in Hokkaido to learn and rehearse piano tuning. The Emperor and Empress of Japan went to an extraordinary screening of the film and met with the cast. In the late spring of 2018, Kento was thrown in the TV arrangement Good Doctor – in view of the 2013 Korean dramatization of a similar name, it recounts to the tale of a youthful mentally unbalanced man who turns into a pediatric specialist. The show got a positive reaction from watchers, and it was the first occasion when he went about as a specialist and took on an increasingly whimsical role. It earned him the Television Drama Academy Award for Best Actor. His next significant task after Kingdom is the up and coming real to life film of Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku, which is planned for discharge in 2020.

Movies List:

Control Tower (2011) The Wings of the Kirin (2012) Another (2012)
Love for Beginners (2012) JINX!!! (2013) L DK (2014)
Heroine Shikkaku (2015) Orange (2015) Your Lie in April (2016)
Wolf Girl & Black Prince (2016) One Week Friends (2017) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (2017)
Forbidden Secrets (2017) A Forest of Wool & Steel (2018) Kingdom (2019)
Ni no Kuni (2019) Love is Hard for Otaku (2020) Gekijo (2020)

Television Shows / Series:

Atami no Sousakan (2010) Clone Baby (2010) For Your Love (2011)
Back to School at 35 (2013) Raden Meikyu (2014) Water Polo Yankees (2014)
Baseball Brainiacs (2014) Mare (2015) Death Note (2015)
A Girl & Three Sweethearts (2016) Rikuoh (2017) Kiss That Kills (2018)
Good Doctor (2018) From Today, it’s My Turn!! (2018) Alice in Borderland (2020)

Winning Awards List:

  • 39th Japan Academy Film Prize Awards
  • 98th Television Drama Academy Awards
  • Beijing IQiyi Scream Night Awards

FAQs about Kento Yamazaki Actor

Who is Kento Yamazaki?

Kento Yamazaki is a Japanese actor known for his roles in various films, television dramas, and adaptations of popular manga and anime series. He gained widespread recognition for his acting skills and charming looks.

When was Kento Yamazaki born?

Kento Yamazaki was born on September 7, 1994, in Itabashi, Tokyo, Japan.

What are some of Kento Yamazaki’s notable roles?

Kento Yamazaki has appeared in several notable roles, including:

L in the live-action film adaptation of "Death Note."
Shouya Ishida in the live-action film adaptation of "A Silent Voice."
Hideo Suzuki in the film adaptation of "I Am a Hero."
Kenshin Himura in the "Rurouni Kenshin" film series.
Rei Okumori in the drama series "Good Doctor."

What awards has Kento Yamazaki won?

Kento Yamazaki has received numerous awards for his acting, including several newcomer and best actor awards. He has been recognized for his performances in both films and television dramas.

Is Kento Yamazaki also a model?

Yes, Kento Yamazaki has done some modeling work in addition to his acting career. He has been featured in magazine spreads and has worked as a fashion model.