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Jessica Napier is a talented actress hailing from New Zealand. Born and raised in Wellington, she embarked on her acting career at a young age. Napier gained recognition for her roles in popular television shows and films, captivating audiences with her versatile performances. Her dedication and passion for the craft have earned her critical acclaim and a devoted fan base. With her natural talent and charismatic presence, Jessica Napier continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, establishing herself as a prominent figure in New Zealand’s acting scene.





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Jessica had her first acting, when she played her dad’s girl on the long-running Australian TV arrangement Police Rescue. After a year she returned in another scene, when Marshall selected Jessica to fill in for a job when the young lady who was initially reserved to manage the work. She at that point featured in Angst and showed up in the made-for-TV film Child Star: The Shirley Temple Story. In 2009, Napier visitor featured in both the well known third period of TV arrangement Sea Patrol and the new Rescue: Special Ops.

In 2010 the Nine Network reported that they would be proceeding with their fruitful Underbelly establishment by delivering three separate independent wrongdoing telemovies which would be known as The Underbelly Files. Jessica was given a role as the lead entertainer in the second of these telemovies, named Infiltration, inverse Sullivan Stapleton. Penetration follows Victorian cop Colin McClaren’s examination concerning the neighborhood Calabrian mafia in which he invades their gathering and furthermore stars Valentino del Toro, Henry Nixon, Tottie Goldsmith, Buddy Dannoun and Glenda Liscott.


  • Love Serenade (1996) (Deborah ‘Debbie’)
  • Blackrock (1997) (Rachel Ackland)
  • War Story (1998) (Princess)
  • Cut (2000) (Hillary “Hallie”)
  • City Loop (2000) (Sophie)
  • Twitch (2000) (Jane)
  • Angst (2000) (Jade)
  • Jet Set (2001) (Louise)
  • New Skin (2002) (Lyra)
  • Stuffed Bunny (2002) (German Girlfriend)
  • Post (2004) (Jessica)
  • The Illustrated Family Doctor (2005) (Christine)
  • Safety in Numbers (2006) (Jen)
  • Don’t Panic (2007) (Kimberly)
  • Savages Crossing (2011) (Kate)
  • The Letter (2012) (Sophia)
  • Day of Carnage (TBA) (Jane)


  • Police Rescue (1991) (Therese / Tracey)
  • Echo Point (1995) (Edwina Amadio)
  • Police Rescue (1996) (Zoe)
  • Twisted (1996) (Michelle)
  • Water Rats (1997) (Vanessa)
  • Murder Call (1997) (Brodie Cochrane)
  • Wildside (1997-99) (Gerry Davis)
  • Stingers (1998) (Kaye Kelso)
  • The Lost World (2000) (Gladys)
  • Head Start (2001) (Amy)
  • The Shirley Temple Story (2001) (Klammie)
  • McLeod’s Daughters (2001-03) (Becky Howard)
  • The Alice (2004) (Jess Daily)
  • The Alice (2005-06) (Jess Daily)
  • Chandon Pictures (2007) (Annabelle)
  • All Saints (2007) (Pam Elton)
  • All Saints (2009) (Elyse Leine)
  • Sea Patrol (2009) (Simone Robsen)
  • Rescue: Special Ops (2009) (Nicole)
  • Cops L.A.C. (2010) (Natalie)
  • Infiltration (2011) (Jude Gleeson / Narrator)
  • Janet King (2014) (Caroline Martin)
  • Bite Club (2018) (Pia)

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Jessica Napier net worth is assessed to be $4 Million. She is additionally popular actress.

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She is wedded to David Adler. They have a girl name is Emily and a son is Oliver. Both Jessica and her dad Marshall are veggie lovers and backing different basic entitlements establishments.

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FAQs about Jessica Napier Actress

Who is Jessica Napier?

Jessica Napier is a New Zealand actress. She was born on April 4, 1979, in Wellington, New Zealand. She is best known for her role as Jodie Fountain in the Australian television series "McLeod's Daughters."

What are some notable works of Jessica Napier?

Apart from her role in "McLeod's Daughters," Jessica Napier has appeared in various films and television shows. Some of her notable works include the films "Cut" (2000) and "Blurred" (2002), as well as television shows such as "The Saddle Club" and "Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities."

When did Jessica Napier start her acting career?

Jessica Napier began her acting career in the late 1990s. She made her television debut in the New Zealand drama series "City Life" in 1996. She then appeared in several other television shows and films, gaining recognition for her talent and versatility as an actress.