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Hira Mani, born on February 27, 1989, is a renowned Pakistani television actress and singer. She gained widespread acclaim for her performances in popular dramas like “Do Bol” and “Kashf”. Starting her career as a host, Hira transitioned into acting, showcasing her versatility. Besides her acting prowess, she has also displayed her singing talent with singles such as “Sawaari”. Hira continues to make significant contributions to Pakistan’s entertainment industry. Note: This is based on information available up to September 2021, and there might be more recent accomplishments.

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Career Debut:

Hira made her acting career debut alongside her significant other Mani in ARY Digital’s Meri Teri Kahani (2012). The show was inspired by the American arrangement Curb Your Enthusiasm. Both showed up as fictionalized variants of themselves. She at that point showed up as Heer in Jab We Wed (2013) and as a role of Hareem in Firaaq (2013). In 2015, she depicted the role of Shagufta in Hum TV’s Preet Na Kariyo Koi inverse Ahsan Khan. She got basic recognition for depicting genuinely extraordinary characters in the sequential. She later showed up as a visitor in Mr. Shamim (2016) and Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain 2 (2016).

Hira Mani Husband & Sons:

She wedded her talented on-screen actor Salman Saqib Sheik (Mani) in 2008 at 19 years old. They much of the time cooperate in the majority of their undertakings. The couple has two children Muzammil Salman (born in 2009) and Ibrahim Salman (born in 2014).

Hira Mani Net Worth:

Hira Mani’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million. She is also a famous actress.

Dramas List:

Meri Teri Kahani (2013-14) Jab We Wed (2014) Firaaq (2014)
Chaman Ara (2015) Preet Na Kariyo Koi (2015-2016) Mr. Shamim (2016)
Sun Yaara (2017) Bilqees Urf Bitto (2017) Yaqeen Ka Safar (2017)
Kitni Girhain Baaki Hai (season 2) (2017) Pagli (2017-18) Mera Khuda Jane (2018)
Thays (2018) Dil Mom Ka Diya (2018) Aangan (2018-19)
Bandish (2019) Do Bol (2019) Mohabbat Na Kariyo (2019)
Mere Paas Tum Ho (2019) Ghalati (2019) Kashf (2020) (TBA)

Nominated Awards:

  • Hum Awards
  • Pakistan International Screen Awards

FAQs about Hira Mani  Actress

Who is Hira Mani?

Hira Salman, known as Hira Mani, is a Pakistani television actress, singer, presenter, and former video jockey. She has starred as the lead in several hit series, including "Jab We Wed" (2014), "Preet Na Kariyo Koi" (2015), "Sun Yaara" (2016) "Yaqeen Ka Safar" (2017), "Thays" (2018), "Do Bol" (2019), "Ghalati" (2020), "Meray Paas Tum Ho" (2019), "Kashf" (2020), "Yun Tu Hai Pyar Bohut" (2021), and "Mein Hari Piya" (2021)​.

When and where was Hira Mani born?

Hira Mani was born on February 27, 1989​.

Who is Hira Mani’s husband?

Hira Mani is married to fellow actor Salman Saqib Sheikh, also known as Mani. They got married when she was 19, on April 18, 2008​​.

Does Hira Mani have any children?

Yes, Hira Mani has two sons; Muzammil (born in 2009) and Ibrahim (born in 2014)​​.

What is Hira Mani’s career history?

Hira Mani started her career as a video jockey before moving on to hosting. She co-hosted the show "Hum 2 Hamara Show" on Hum TV with Mani which earned her critical recognition. Hira made her acting debut along with her husband Mani in ARY Digital's "Meri Teri Kahani" (2012). She then appeared in various roles in multiple series and received critical praise for portraying emotionally intense characters​​.

Has Hira Mani worked in films?

Yes, in 2023, Hira Mani made her film debut in the anthology film "Teri Meri Kahaniyaan" where she played the character Mumtaz​.