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Herizen Guardiola, born July 24, 1996, is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Raised in Miami, Florida, her breakthrough came with her portrayal of Mylene Cruz in Netflix’s “The Get Down”. Known for her soulful R&B stylings and emotive lyrics, Guardiola has released various singles, showing her musical talent beyond acting. Her Cuban-Jamaican heritage influences her music, merging different cultures into her unique sound. Her career in acting and music continues to thrive, capturing audiences with her versatility.
Herizen F. Guardiola age is [dob].



Family Info:


Guardiola is a local of Miami, Florida. Her dad, Juan Carlos, is also a reggae artist. Her mom is a nutritionist and yoga teacher. Guardiola has two more youthful sisters.

Height, Weight, Body Stats:


Career Debut:


Herizen Guardiola made her acting profession debut in The Get Down, a Netflix unique arrangement from Baz Luhrmann. About her disclosure, Luhrmann stated, “It’s continually exciting to locate a new obscure ability, especially one who isn’t just a tremendous entertainer however a radiant performer.” Herizen Guardiola likewise played in the show Dare Me, in which she played Addy Hanlon, one of the primary parts of the show.

Movies & Television:

  • Runaway Island (2015) (Freya Nordholm)
  • The Get Down (2016-17) (Mylene Cruz)
  • Dare Me (2019-2020) (Addy Hanlon)
  • Lost Husband (2020) (Sunshine)


  • The Get Down (2016)

Nominated Awards:

  • MTV Movie Awards

Net Worth:

Herizen F. Guardiola net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million. She is also talented actress & singer.

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