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Hend Sabry Age, Height, Bio, Wiki, Family, Career, Net Worth & Husband

Hend Sabry is a talented Tunisian-Egyptian actress, born on November 20, 1979. With a career spanning two decades, she has captivated audiences with her versatile performances in film and television. Sabry’s exceptional acting skills have earned her numerous accolades and recognition in the Arab entertainment industry. Known for her charisma and captivating presence on screen, she remains a prominent figure, inspiring aspiring actors and representing Arab talent on the global stage. Hend Sabry age is [dob].




Sabry featured as “‘Ola” in the Egyptian TV dramatization Ayza Atgawiz as a character fixated on getting hitched, who experiences many forthcoming life partners. In 2010 she was designated a diplomat against hunger by the UN World Food Program. Bedouin Business recorded her among the “100 most impressive Arab ladies” in 2013. Sabry is married to an Egyptian representative and has double nationalities of her nation of origin Tunisia and her nation of living arrangement Egypt.

Movies List:

  • Samt EI Qosor (1994) (Aliya)
  • Mawsem EI Rejal (2000) (Emna)
  • Mozakarat Morahiqa (2001) (Jamila)
  • Al Katiba (2002) (Layla)
  • Ayez Hakki (2003) (Wafaa)
  • Halet Hobb (2004) (Habiba)
  • Ouija (2005) (Farida)
  • Sabah EI FoI (2006) (Thanaa0
  • EI Gazeira (2007) (Karima)
  • Ibrahim Labyad (2009) (Horeya)
  • Asmaa (2011) (Asmaa)
  • AI Jazira 2 (2014) (Karima)
  • Zahrat Halab (2016) (Salma)
  • EI FiI EI Azraq 2 (2019) (Farida)
  • EI-Kanz 2 (2019) (Hatshepsut)

Television Shows / TV Series:

  • Lahazat Hariga (2007)
  • Maktoob (2008) (Ebtisam)
  • Aredh Khass (2010)
  • Aiza Atgawiz (2010) (Ola)
  • Vertigo (2012) (Farida)
  • Imberatoriat Meen (2014) (Amira)
  • Halawat Alddunya (2017) (Amina)

FAQs about Hend Sabry Actress

What is Hend Sabry’s full name?

Hend Sabry's full name is Hend Sabry Abdel-Sattar.

When did Hend Sabry start her acting career?

Hend Sabry began her acting career at a young age. She made her debut in the early 1990s and quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the most sought-after actresses in the Arab entertainment industry.

What are some of Hend Sabry’s most notable films and TV shows?

Hend Sabry has appeared in various successful films and television series. Some of her most notable works include "Asmaa," "Nour Einy," "The Yacoubian Building," "Ahla Al Awkat," and "Noura's Dream."

Has Hend Sabry received any awards for her acting performances?

Yes, Hend Sabry has received several awards and nominations for her exceptional acting skills. She has won accolades at various prestigious film festivals and award ceremonies in the Arab world.

Is Hend Sabry involved in any charitable or social causes?

Yes, Hend Sabry is known for her active involvement in humanitarian and social causes. She has supported several initiatives related to women's rights, education, and poverty alleviation.