Faraz Farooqi | Career, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Education, Family and Wife

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Faraz Farooqi | Career, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Education, Family and Wife. Faraz Farooqi, a young TV star, rose to fame for his portrayal of Bezaad in the hit drama “Khalish.” He continued to captivate audiences with his performances in many successful dramas. Farooqi is well-known for his roles and charming personality, as well as his figure-A physique.

He is not just an accomplished TV actor, but also a talented dancer and model. Farooqi made his industry debut in 2009 on the dance reality show “Nachley: Season 2” which airs on ARY Digital. Along with his twin brother Hamad, he placed third in the competition.

Faraz Farooqi Biography:


Faraz Farooqi was born on September 7, 1988 in Karachi. He comes from a family involved in the entertainment industry, including his twin brother and handsome hunk Hamad Farooqi. Faraz received his primary and higher education in Karachi and always dreamed of becoming an actor.

He honed his skills by moving to England where he received professional acting training and gained valuable experience. Faraz and Hamad have a close bond and are often seen together at showbiz events and photo shoots for various brands, as well as working as fashion photographers.

Faraz Farooqi Date of Birth:

Faraz Farooqi was born on September 7, 1988, making him 34 years old in 2022.


Faraz Farooqi Education:

Faraz Farooqi was born and raised in Karachi, where he completed his education. He later travelled to the UK to enhance his acting abilities through professional training and experience.

Faraz Farooqi Career:

Faraz Farooqi made his TV debut in 2016 in the drama “Mere Baba Ki Ounchi Haveli”, co-starring Mariam Ansari, Mehwish Qureshi, and Saleem Miraj. His versatility as an actor, performing both positive and negative roles, quickly gained him popularity. He has worked with renowned artists such as Faysal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam, Noman Ijaz, and many more.

His notable dramas include “Parchayee” with Minal Khan, Qavi Khan, Arisha Razi, Asif Raza Mir, “Bharosa Pyar Tera” with Asim Mehmood, Adeel Chaudhry, Komal Aziz Khan, and Sharmeen Khan, “Khalish” with Faysal Qureshi, Shaista Lodhi, Asif Raza Mir, and Aijaz Aslam, and “Maalal e Yaar” with Azekah Daniel, Zain Baig, Hamza Firdous, and others.

Faraz Farooqi Family:

Faraz Farooqi has a twin brother named Hammad Farooqi, with whom he has co-starred in numerous TV dramas and variety shows.

Faraz Farooqi brother

Faraz Farooqi Wife:

Faraz Farooqi married Shiza Khan in 2016 and the couple is proud parents of a beautiful daughter.

Faraz Farooqi wife