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Camélia Jordana, born on September 15, 1992, is a French singer renowned for her soulful voice and distinctive style. Rising to fame as a finalist on the TV show “Nouvelle Star” in 2009, she released her debut album “Camélia Jordana” in 2010. Her music blends pop, soul, and jazz influences, captivating audiences with emotional depth. Jordana’s socially conscious lyrics often touch on issues like identity and injustice. Her evolving artistry continues to inspire and connect with listeners, solidifying her place in the contemporary French music scene. Camélia Jordana age is [dob].



Parents, Sisters, Early Life & Career:

Jordana was conceived in Toulon, to French guardians of Algerian drop. Her dad Hachemi Aliouane is of Berber Kabyle root and her mom Zélihka Riad is from Oran. She experienced childhood in La Londe-les-Maures with her more seasoned sister and more youthful sibling. At sixteen years old, Jordana chose to try out for the seventh period of Nouvelle Star in Marseille, and figured out how to persuade the jury with her adaptation of Louis Armstrong’s What a superb world. She completed in third spot. After her end, she marked a record manage Sony Music and discharged her eponymous presentation collection on 29 March 2010. It sold 10,169 duplicates in its first week and figured out how to enter the French SNEP Album Chart at #9.

Despite the fact that Jordana’s introduction single Non was just discharged as download single in France, it crested at #3 on the French computerized diagram. Jordana took part in a melody for the collection So in Love by Nouvelle Star judge André Manoukian in April 2010. Jordana was met and played a few melodies on the TV5Monde program ‘Acoustic’ on 7 November 2010. On 27 November 2015, Jordana took an interest together with Nolwenn Leroy and Yael Naim at the national remembrance day for the casualties of the November 2015 Paris assaults singing the melody “Quand on n’a que l’amour” by Jacques Brel.

Movies List:

The Stroller Strategy (2013) Ta main (2013) Les mauvaises tetes (2013)
Bird People (2014) All Three of Us (2014) I’m All Yours (2015)
L’heureuse elue (2015) The Last Panthers (2015) La fine equipe (2016)
Some Like It Veiled (2017) Le Brio (2017) Chacun pour tous (2018)
Curiosa (2019) Sisters in Arms (2019) La nuit Venue (2019)


  • “Non Non Non” (2010)
  • ”Calamity Jane” (2010)
  • “Moi c’est” (2011)
  • “Dans la peau” (2014)

FAQs about Camélia Jordana Singer

Who is Camélia Jordana?

Camélia Jordana is a French singer, songwriter, and actress. She gained recognition by participating in the television show "Nouvelle Star" (French version of "Pop Idol") in 2009 and has since established herself as a notable figure in the French music and entertainment industry.

When was Camélia Jordana born?

Camélia Jordana was born on September 15, 1992.

What is Camélia Jordana’s musical style?

Camélia Jordana's musical style is diverse, encompassing genres such as pop, soul, and jazz. Her distinctive voice and emotive performances contribute to her unique sound.

What are some of Camélia Jordana’s popular songs?

Some of Camélia Jordana's popular songs include "Non, non, non (Écouter Barbara)," "Calamity Jane," "Moi c'est," and "La vie en solitaire."

Has Camélia Jordana released albums?

Yes, Camélia Jordana has released several albums over the years. Her debut album, titled "Camélia Jordana," was released in 2010. Subsequent albums include "Dans la peau" (2014), "Lost" (2015), "L'Ours" (2018), and more.