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Briar Nolet is a Canadian dancer renowned for her exceptional talent and dynamic performances. Born on December 27, 1998, in Toronto, Ontario, she gained prominence as a contestant on the reality TV show “The Next Step.” With her incredible skills in contemporary and acrobatic dance, Briar has captivated audiences worldwide. She has also appeared in various music videos and live performances, showcasing her versatility as a performer. Briar’s dedication, passion, and electrifying stage presence have established her as one of Canada’s most promising and influential dancers. Briar Nolet age is [dob].



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Nolet started dancing at early age and growing up, she contended in dance rivalries around Canada. In 2014, she started depicting the part in the Family Channel arrangement The Next Step. As a component of The Next Step establishment, Nolet has visited in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In 2017, Nolet tried out for the primary period of the NBC dance arrangement World of Dance, however didn’t continue any further. Also, Nolet contended in the third period of World of Dance. In the wake of completing in fifth spot, World of Dance judge Jennifer Lopez welcomed Nolet to perform on the It’s My Party Tour. AndrĂ© Hereford portrayed Nolet as a “demise dropping, reverse somersaulting firecracker”.


  • The Next Step (2014-present) (Richelle)
  • Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight (2014) (Dancer)
  • Blood Hunters (2016) (Creature)
  • World of Dance (2019) (Herself)
  • Let It Snow (2019) (Lisa)

Net Worth:

Briar Nolet net worth is assessed to be $300,000. She is also talented actress.

Personal Life / Relationship:


Nolet has been involved with The Next Step co-star Myles Erlick since the age of 13. While contending on World of Dance, Nolet uncovered that she started enduring with seizures at 16 years old. Nolet was at first misdiagnosed with tension, however subsequent to visiting a nervous system specialist in Toronto, she was determined to have epilepsy at 19 years old.

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FAQs about Briar Nolet Dancer

Who is Briar Nolet?

Briar Nolet is a Canadian dancer and actress. She gained popularity for her appearance on the reality dance competition series "The Next Step," where she showcased her exceptional dancing skills.

When was Briar Nolet born?

Briar Nolet was born on December 27, 1998.

Where is Briar Nolet from?

Briar Nolet is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How did Briar Nolet rise to fame?

Briar Nolet rose to fame through her participation in the popular television series "The Next Step." Her incredible dance performances and captivating personality on the show garnered her a significant fan following.

Has Briar Nolet won any awards for her dancing?

Yes, Briar Nolet has received recognition and awards for her dancing skills. In 2015, she won the "Female Best Dancer" award at the prestigious "The Dance Awards." She has also won other awards and accolades throughout her career.