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Berguzar Korel Husband, Son, Age, Height, Biography, Wiki & Net Worth

Bergüzar Korel is a renowned Turkish actress, born on August 27, 1982, in Istanbul, Turkey. With a successful career spanning both TV and film, she gained widespread recognition for her roles in popular series like “Binbir Gece” and “Karadayı.” Her exceptional acting skills, beauty, and charm have earned her a devoted international fan base. Throughout her career, Korel has solidified her position as one of Turkey’s most talented and beloved actresses, captivating audiences with her diverse performances. Bergüzar Korel age is 41 years .


Full Name: Bergüzar Gökçe Korel
Date of Birth: August 27, 1982
Age: 41 years
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 67 kg
Nationality: Turkish
Net Worth: $2 Million

Career Debut:

Korel made her debut in Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak (Valley of the Wolves: Iraq). She came to wide consideration subsequent to featuring as Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu in Binbir Gece. She showed up in Magnificent Century as a visitor job of Monica Teresse for one scene. In 2012, she featured as Feride Şadoğlu close by Kenan Imirzalıoğlu in the mainstream arrangement Karadayı.

Berguzar Korel Husband, Son & Personal Life:

Korel is the girl of on-screen actor Tanju Korel and actress Hülya Darcan. In August 2009, Korel wedded individual on-screen actor Halit Ergenç, who was her accomplice in Binbir Gece. In February 2010, she brought forth the couple’s first kid, a kid named Ali Ergenic. Korel is of incomplete Albanian birthplace. See more about Berguzar Korel husband, son, boyfriends & dating history in short biography table.

Berguzar Korel with her husband Halit Ergenic

Movies List:

  • Sen Olasin Orgup (1999)
  • Kurtlar Vadisi Irak (2006) (Leyla)
  • Ask Geliyorum Demez (2009) (Gozde)
  • Bir Ask Iki Hayat (2019) (Deniz)

Television Shows / Serials:

  • Kirik Hayatlar (1998)
  • Cemalim (2001) (Suna)
  • Zeytin Dali (2005) (Iklim)
  • Emrah Adak (2006)
  • Binbir Gece (2006-09) (Sehrazat Evliyaoglu)
  • Bitmeyen Sarki (2010-11) (Feraye)
  • Karadayi (2012-15) (Feride Sadoglu)
  • Vatanim Sensin (2016-18) (Azize)

FAQs about Bergüzar Korel Actress

Who is Bergüzar Korel?

Bergüzar Korel is a Turkish actress, born on August 27, 1982, in Istanbul, Turkey. She is best known for her roles in popular Turkish TV series and has gained significant fame both in Turkey and internationally.

What are some of Bergüzar Korel’s most famous TV series?

Bergüzar Korel has starred in several successful TV series. Some of her most famous ones include "Binbir Gece" (A Thousand and One Nights), where she portrayed Scheherazade, "Karadayı," where she played the character Feride, and "Vatanım Sensin" (Wounded Love) as Azize.

What awards has Bergüzar Korel won?

Bergüzar Korel has received several awards and nominations for her acting skills. Some of these awards include Golden Orange Awards and the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards.

Has Bergüzar Korel appeared in any movies?

Yes, Bergüzar Korel has also appeared in movies alongside her TV work. Some of her notable film appearances include "Mumya Firarda" (The Mummy), "Issız Adam" (Alone), and "Nefes: Vatan Sağolsun" (The Breath).