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August Diehl Wife, Kids, Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, Net Worth & Career

August Diehl is a renowned German actor, born on January 4, 1976. He gained international recognition for his versatile performances in films like “Inglourious Basterds,” “Salt,” and “The Counterfeiters.” Diehl’s talent and dedication have earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards. With his compelling portrayals and captivating screen presence, he continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, showcasing his remarkable abilities as a gifted actor from Germany. August Diehl age is 47 years .


Full Name: August Diehl
Date of Birth: January 4, 1976
Age: 47 years
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 75 kg
Nationality: German
Net Worth: $600,000

August Diehl Family, Early Life & Career:

Diehl was born in West Berlin. His dad is actor Hans Diehl, his mom is an ensemble originator and his sibling is an author. His family was every now and again moving around. Diehl spent his youth in Auvergne, France and moved back to Germany when he was nine years of age. Experiencing childhood in a group of specialists, at 18 years old, he played Franz Mohr in a school theater creation of Die Räuber by Friedrich Schiller. In the wake of breezing through the Abitur tests, Diehl considered acting at the eminent Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch in Berlin.

August Diehl Wife & Children:

Diehl was married to on-screen actress Julia Malik. He has two kids with his wife Julia Malik: a little girl (b. 2009) and a child (b. 2012). Diehl plays the guitar and communicates in German, Spanish, French and English.

August Diehl Wife Julia Malik
August Diehl Wife Julia Malik

Movies List:

  • 23 (1998) (Karl Koch)
  • Die Braut (1999) (Fritz von Stein)
  • Kalt ist der Abendhauch (2000) (Hugo Wimmer)
  • Love the Hard Way (2001) (Jeff)
  • Tattoo (2002) (Marc Schrader)
  • Anatomy 2 (2003) (Benjamin ‘Benny’ Sachs)
  • Distant Lights (2003) (Philip)
  • Love in Thoughts (2004) (Gunther Scheller)
  • Mouth to Mouth (2005) (Tiger)
  • Slumming (2006) (Sebastian)
  • Nothing But Ghosts (2006) (Felix)
  • The Counterfeiters (2007) (Burger)
  • Head Under Water (2007) (Martin Wegner)
  • Dr. Aleman (2008) (Marc)
  • A Woman in Berlin (2008) (Gerd)
  • Inglourious Basterds (2009) (Major Hellstorm)
  • Salt (2010) (Mike Krause)
  • If Not Us, Who? (2011) (Bernward Vesper)
  • The Adventures of Huck Finn (2012) (Der Alte Finn)
  • Layla Fourie (2013) (Eugene Pienaar)
  • The Husband (2013) (Karl ‘Rusty’ Rost)
  • Frau Ella (2013) (Klaus)
  • Dark Inclusion (2016) (Gabi Ulmann)
  • Allied (2016) (Hobar)
  • The Young Karl Marx (2017) (Karl Marx)
  • Kursk (2018) (Anton Markov)
  • The Bird Catcher (2018) (Herman)
  • Lyrebird (2019) (Alex De Klerks)
  • The King’s Man (2020)

Television Shows / Series:

  • Feuer in der Nacht (2005) (Lukas Stein)
  • Kabale und Liebe (2005) (Ferdinand von Walter)
  • Close to the Enemy (2016) (Dieter Koehler)
  • Parfum (2018) (Moritz de Vries)
  • Bauhaus- A New Era (2019) (Walter Gropius)

Winning Awards:

  • German Film Awards
  • Bavarian Film Awards
  • Berlin International Film Festival Awards
  • German Film Critics Association Awards
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Nestroy Theatre Prize Awards

FAQs about August Diehl Actor

Who is August Diehl?

August Diehl is a German actor known for his work in film, television, and theater. He was born on January 4, 1976, in Berlin, Germany.

What are some notable movies or TV shows August Diehl has appeared in?

August Diehl has appeared in a variety of films and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his notable works include "Inglourious Basterds" (2009), where he portrayed the role of Major Dieter Hellstrom, "Salt" (2010), "The Counterfeiters" (2007), "Come What May" (2015), and "A Hidden Life" (2019). He has also been part of various German-language productions.

Has August Diehl won any awards for his performances?

Yes, August Diehl has received critical acclaim for his performances and has won several awards throughout his career. Notably, he won the Bavarian Film Award for Best Actor for his role in "Inglourious Basterds" and received nominations for other awards as well.

What languages does August Diehl speak?

August Diehl is fluent in German, as it is his native language. He is also proficient in English, as he has appeared in various English-language films and international productions.

Is August Diehl involved in theater productions?

Yes, August Diehl has been involved in theater productions in addition to his work in film and television. He has performed on stage in various productions in Germany.