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Ali Abbas is a renowned Pakistani television actor, born on April 9, 1984, in Karachi, Pakistan. With a career spanning over a decade, he has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Known for his versatile acting skills, Ali has appeared in numerous hit TV dramas, earning critical acclaim and a strong fan following. His notable works include “Muqaddar,” “Bashar Momin,” and “Mera Saeein.” Ali Abbas continues to captivate audiences with his compelling performances, establishing himself as one of Pakistan’s top actors. Currently, Ali Abbas age is [dob].



Family Information:

Abbas’ mom Saba Hameed is a Pakistani actress, who is likewise the mother of on-screen actor- singer Faris Shafi. His dad is Waseem Abbas, child of Inayat Hussain Bhatti. Abbas’ cousins Agha Ali and Ali Sikandar are likewise actors.


Education & Qualifications:

Before joining the showbiz industry, Ali Abbas finished his degree in Law and was working effectively as a lawyer. He finished his education in Karachi.

Height, Weight, Body Stats:


Career Information:


Abbas changed career to turn into a TV maker before he moved into the family tradition of acting. His dad desire is to become an on-screen actor. One of his roles was as Ifraan in the Pakistani TV dramatization arrangement Ladoon Mein Pali on Geo TV. It was later appeared in India on Zindagi TV with the title Sabki Laadli… Laraib.

Abbas’ later roles incorporate Ameer Jamal in the show arrangement Kisay Chahoon, which aired on Pakistan’s Hum TV starting 3 February 2016. He was then given a role as Zarbab in the show Tum Kon Pya.

Television Series / Dramas List:

  • Ladoon Mein Pali (2014) (Irfaan)
  • Woh Dobara (2014) (Umair)
  • Susraal Mera (2014) (Salman)
  • Aye Zindagi (2015)
  • Guriya Rani (2015) (Arish)
  • Tum Milay (2016)
  • Tum Kon Piya (2016) (Zarbab Khan)
  • Meher Aur Meherbaan (2016)
  • Mann Mar Jaye Na (2016) (Sarmad Hamdani)
  • Titli (2017) (Ahmed)
  • Kitni Girhan Baqi Hain (2017) (Faisal)
  • Nazr-e-Bad (2017) (Aftab)
  • Khaali Haath (2017) (Baasil)
  • Shikwa Nahi Kissi Se (2017)
  • Laikin (2017) (Pervaiz)
  • Ghar Titli Ka Par (2017) (Kamran)
  • Mera Khuda Jane (2018) (Waleed)
  • Rubaru Tha Ishq (2018) (Wahaj)
  • Tum Se Hi Talluq Hai (2018) (Nakheel)
  • Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja (2018)
  • Siskiyaan (2018)
  • Noor Bibi (2018)
  • Naqab Zan (2019) (Aamir)
  • Rishtay Biktay Hai (2019) (Affan)
  • Kahin Deep Jaley (2019) (Faham)
  • Dard Rukta Nahi (2019)
  • Haqeeqat (2019)
  • Shehr-e-Malal (2020) (Shazir)
  • Deewangi (2020) (Haroon)
  • Mehar Posh (2020) (Naeem)
  • Tum Ho Wajah (2020)

Ali Abbas Net Worth:

Ali Abbas net worth is assessed to be $1 Million – $5 Million Dollar.

Abbas’s Wife, Son & Daughter:

Ali Abbas with his Wife Hamna Ali
Abbas with his Wife Hamna Ali

Ali Abbas got wedded to Hamna Ali in 2012, this was before he joined the industry and turned into an on-screen actors. Ali Abbas and Hamna Ali are honored with two children, a young lady Raeesa Ali and a kid Salaar Ali.

Ali Abbas with his wife & kids
Abbas with his wife & kids

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FAQs about Ali Abbas Actor

Who is Ali Abbas?

Ali Abbas is a Pakistani television actor known for his acting skills and contributions to the Pakistani drama industry. He has appeared in numerous television dramas and has a significant fan following.

When and where was Ali Abbas born?

Ali Abbas was born on February 9, 1984, in Karachi, Pakistan.

What are some of Ali Abbas’s notable television dramas?

Ali Abbas has acted in several popular television dramas, including "Dil-e-Janam," "Muqabil," "Bashar Momin," "Khudgarz," and "Ghar Titli Ka Par."

Has Ali Abbas received any awards for his acting?

Yes, Ali Abbas has received recognition for his acting talent. He has been nominated for and won awards at various Pakistani awards ceremonies for his performances in television dramas.

Is Ali Abbas related to any other actors in the industry?

Yes, Ali Abbas comes from a family with a background in the entertainment industry. He is the son of the renowned Pakistani actor Waseem Abbas and the nephew of the acclaimed actress Saba Hameed.

What is Ali Abbas’s acting style known for?

Ali Abbas is known for his versatility as an actor. He has portrayed a wide range of characters in different genres, from romantic dramas to intense thrillers, showcasing his ability to adapt to various roles.