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The Pakistani actress Aiman Zaman gained fame through Tik Tok, a popular app used by social media users. She makes videos with her rumored boyfriend. She is a talented actress with several TV shows and supporting roles.

Zaman comes from a non-artistic background, but her talent and hard work have brought her great success and popularity. Additionally, she is one of the most prominent Douyin users with millions of followers. However, she is often criticized for making videos with her boyfriend.

She’s a tall girl, perfect for stardom. Let’s talk about this new sensation, how she started her showbiz journey, and her struggles.

Aiman Zaman Biography:

Aiman is a young and beautiful Pakistani actress, model, and presenter who started to gain recognition in 2020. She started her acting journey with the TV series Soteli Mamta, after which she received many invitations. As time went on, her hype grew.

Ayman has a massive following on each of her social media accounts. However, like many other celebrities, she has also been attacked with harsh words that she hardly minds. For now, she’s only in a supporting role, but we’d also like to see her in a lead role.


Aiman Zaman Date of Birth:

She was born on January 2, 1992, in Karachi, Pakistan. She is 30 years old but looks much younger.


Soteli Mamta was her debut novel, after which she started getting marriage proposals from many sources. Talented star Aiman will undoubtedly dominate the industry in a few years. Aiman started her acting career and found success after a few plays. She has a supporting role moment. Ayman starred in the hit film “Baji” alongside actors like Osman Khalid al-Bhat Amna Ilyas Mira.

In 2020, she created an account on the well-known social media platform Tik Tok and started posting videos. Her movies on the app have helped her gain huge fame, and many people are familiar with her. She also makes videos with other Tik Tok celebrities. Despite this, she is often seen by her side Gossip boyfriend.

Mujtaba Lakhani collaborated with her on some photo assignments. She continues to model for numerous photography assignments for well-known brands. Apart from that, she also appeared in some music videos.

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She comes from a typical middle-class family with no connection to the entertainment industry. Her diligent work and talent allowed her to break into the entertainment industry.


After graduating from Malir Cantt College, Aiman joined Showbiz to further his studies.

Aiman Zaman